Single channel video work, 13’32”, 2023 — teaser

A reflection on the predicament of confinement within the domestic environment, stemming from found correspondence of a woman, dating between 1975—1980. Through shared points of reference and the embodiment of the above-mentioned state, the process of this work became an intergenerational dialogue with the stranger character. However, in Arrival, the narrative departs from the archived and imagines rather than a state of paralysis, the discontinuation of a cycle. Upon the character’s decision to leave her home and embark on a journey to an archipelago nearby, the island of her destination sucks her in as she merges into wind.
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Single channel video work, ongoing — teaser

Dealing with agency and emerging, Mirage follows a woman as she is trying to return home:
On a hot summer day in the countryside a girl at a bus stop suddenly hears a phone ringing. Driven by curiosity and confused by the heat and dehydration, she decides to pick up only to find herself in front of a challenge: accidentally invited to perform the same day at an art event, she will face a series of uncanny encounters and experiences that will unveil her potential influence on the world and sexuality.
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Single channel video work, 2018, 14’22” — teaser

Kappa finds herself in a facility that promotes social integration to individuals. Soon enough, she witnesses several attempts for interaction, leading to a somewhat awkward reality. Her survival mechanism allows her to get captivated within her fantasy world and reality. Caught into creating scenarios, she redefines communication and her relationship to the place.
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Single channel video work, 2018, 4’00” — watch

This film introduces three strangers who co-exist in the same space; an immobile ferryboat. Through a moment of accidental physical contact, a new language starts to form between them. The narrative replaces words with gestures and navigates around the structure of their relationship. The minimal amount of contact that takes place becomes an alphabet through which communication is established.
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