Kleoniki Stanich (she/her) is a visual artist located in Amsterdam, NL.

Her artistic practice focuses around video-making as it navigates narratives of emerging, grief and desire. Within this context, she is especially interested in inherited and intergenerational dialogues as well as systems of (non) communication and the performance-politics embodied in social behavior. As she explores through notions of illness and passing, Kleoniki touches upon grief not only in regards to death in its most literal sense, but also, the kind that emerges from peripheral hierarchies, especially within caretaking systems. Eventually, she turns to the filmic space as an outlet for vocality and attentiveness.

Kleoniki was awarded a fellowship by Artworks fellows and the Stavros Niarchos foundation in Athens, followed by a grant by the Mondriaan Fund in Amsterdam. Prior to that, she had been a core member of Laurel Project Space from 2020 to 2022, cultivating her interest in self organised initiatives. In that same line of interest, she has participated in programmes such as the School of Kindness in Sofia, BG and Room to Bloom in Palermo, IT. Her work has been shown at Looiersgracht 60, Ron Mandos gallery, the Netherlands Film Festival and broadcasted on channel AT5, among others. Her practice has been additionally supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Kwadraat and the GRA awards.